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street stuff


street urinals have arrived in london. i’m sure this must be as a direct result of our involvement in europe.


look at this. it’s a massive tap on a stick with a giant on off turny handle thing.
it’s nowhere near the giant tap i saw earlier this week (which has now gone).
so what IS going on ?

man hole cover

i find great amusement in man hole covers which have been put back at the wrong angle so that any street writing (eg double yellow lines) suddenly go at a differnet angle.
you probably don’t have a clue what i’m on about. that’s my fault, not yours, so don’t worry.
anyway, here is a man hole cover in the middle of the pavement nowhere near any double yellows. maybe it means no parking very small cars (or helicopters) on this manhole.

they’ve locked my cupboard

this is a street cabinet which houses telecoms equipment. every day for the last 3 years its doors have been open to reveal its technical contents. every morning i walk by and swing its doors closed.
but first i climb in and have a little rest before continuing my journey.
so, imagine my dissapointment this morning to see my old friendly cabinet with it’s secret world of hidden tunnels and compartments blocked off from the public with red tape.
“no entry” it says. “pah” i say.

one side of the street

i walk down this street every day:

today i walked down the opposite side and i took a photo of all the different bits of metalwork inserted in to the pavement.:

The street is only a few 100 metres long but has a quite a variety of man hole covers
i took one photo of each type. if you can’t see them below then go here
(a desktop size picture is here)

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