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street stuff

a strange pipe

a yellow pipe in the middle of tottenham court road.

pay phones

i thought this was quite interesting. mobile phones have increasingly made payphones unnecessary. I think BT’s payphone marketing people have nicely spun this back round in their latest advertising.
there’s probably a word for this in marketing speak. but i don’t know what it is.
compare BT’s response to the fate of the domestic payphone which was just down the road a bit:

drinking point

we’ve seen these on street refueling p(o)ints before. here is one on a zebra crossing which is a very sensible place for it.
if this had been guiness it would have made a nice advert with the ‘wait’ on the sign. but it isn’t. so it doesn’t.

street repairs

this road has been ground down to its concrete base ready for resurfacing. i’m really looking forward to it’s new smooth covering. expect photos next week.


here are some tiles on the floor outside someone’s front door. imagine being greeted by this each morning.

gold tops

the tops of these railing have been painted gold since i went on holiday. they look quite fancy now

cable ties

dozens of cable ties as used to tie notices to the lamp post.
since there are no more adverts left, perhaps this could be described as post-post-advertising perhaps ?

blue pole

a metal stick with a slight blue glow from an adjacent light.
just how more exciting can this blog get !

beautiful security

this is victorian barbed wire to stop people climbing over walls in to a house’s backgarden. vicious but very pretty.