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street stuff

white lines

these parallel lines are quite nice to look at. imagine if you were a small monkey scampering round the streets of london. this is probably how it would look.
person’s view:
small monkey’s view:

tramp chic

here’s a funny old thing. it’s a wicker chair next to a street person’s cardboard bed.
somewhere for him to sit and read his book before retiring to bed
DSC05698.jpg DSC05699.jpg
and what about just this a street away. it’s a street person’s mantel piece where he can rest his beer and cigs.

a wonky street

i like taking wonky photos, but for these two objects (which were near each other on the same pavement) i didn’t even need to tilt my camera.
DSC05546.jpg DSC05547.jpg

builder’s broth / street soup

if the pine tree is the default smell of outside-ness (as seen on air freshners and toilet cleaners) then the smell of melting tar in the back of a lorry should be the smell of choice to represent town-ness.
it’s got to be one of the best smells ever and i’d be very happy to install chemically-produced-equivelent-smelling-products in my life.
what’s your favourite town smell ? i don’t think there are that many nice ones – cooked breakfasts from cafes in the morning possibly ? keep it pleasant !

not a film set

here are a load of beer barrels piled up in an action movie type way. the police car just adds to the unlikelyness of it all.
you’ll be pleased to know that no car came hurtling through whilst i was watching. (in fact a few minutes later all the barrels had been loaded on to a lorry and taken away)

lamp menders

this lamp is due to be mended.
i was quite impressed the council had been so good with their signs which even explained what was wrong. it’s broken because of electricy supply fault apparently.
i was less impressed when i saw that their charter said it should have been mended by 13 March 2004. i may phone the helpline so we can find out what’s going on.
DSC02935.jpg DSC02936.jpg

advertise here

street advertising could be the future. especially if you were trying to market a product to street cleaners.
here is the little sign. i would have got a better picture only a man with a dog appeared at the doorway next to wear i was standing and i think he thought i looked a bit suspicious !

behind the toilet

ever wondered what’s in the other half of those horrible street toilet things ? well, here’s the answer. there’s a giant circular brush and lots of pipes and gubbins.

no loitering

if they’d been a no loitering sign this picture would have been even better.
i would have called it something like “stand waiting in the street”.

street cabinet

there’s all sorts of regulation about putting equipment in to boxes in the street. telephone companies are the main people that do this. here we see a new approach.
rather than using the traditional black or green boxes they’ve gone for a more contemporary wooden cupboard look. i think it works.