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builder’s broth / street soup

if the pine tree is the default smell of outside-ness (as seen on air freshners and toilet cleaners) then the smell of melting tar in the back of a lorry should be the smell of choice to represent town-ness.
it’s got to be one of the best smells ever and i’d be very happy to install chemically-produced-equivelent-smelling-products in my life.
what’s your favourite town smell ? i don’t think there are that many nice ones – cooked breakfasts from cafes in the morning possibly ? keep it pleasant !

5 thoughts on “builder’s broth / street soup”

  1. My favourite town, or rather city smell is that smell you get wafting up from the underground. I’m especially fond of the smell of the Paris metro, in particular Line 14, as they paint the station platforms with smelly air-freshener stuff.

  2. Coffee and/or freshly baked bread perhaps.
    I used to walk past a bakery on the way in to work (before I’d had my breakfast) and the smell drove me nuts.

  3. sometimes in san francisco, we get the salty smell of the ocean. it’s especially nice in the mornings while waiting for my train. but … there is a new naan bread shop around the corner from my apartment now … i’m constantly craving curry as a result.

  4. Well, in my neighborhood there is a cookie bakery, and when the wind hits right it covers up all the other smells for awhile that I don’t like so much.
    Interestingly, another town smell that inspires pleasant images is diesel. I think it’s because they use so much diesel in the U.K. and in Europe so when I smell it here it reminds me of vacations I’ve taken.

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