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emlyn hughes

i know very little about football. but i did used to collect panini football stickers when i was a kid. (i’ve been very impressed that panini have diversified in to the chewey bread market).
i used to love football stickers for three reasons:
1) the feeling of removing the back of the stickers after the endless chase to find the corner which would lift up
2) the fanastic smell of the glue
3) the silkyness (and later, shineyness) of the club emblem stickers
4) the hairstyles of the footballers (this was the 70s).
that’ll be four reasons then.
it’s amazing i’ve turned out so well adjusted isn’t it !
i remember emlyn hughes from those sticker days. and also from when i used to live in sheffield (he was our local celebrity). i once shook his hand you know. i was amused that he had a son called Emlyn Hughes and a daughter called Emma Lyn Hughes. i thought that was’t very british.
anyway, he sadly died yesterday. and bizarrely his book was at the front of the pile in our downstairs loo.


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