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one side of the street

i walk down this street every day:

today i walked down the opposite side and i took a photo of all the different bits of metalwork inserted in to the pavement.:

The street is only a few 100 metres long but has a quite a variety of man hole covers
i took one photo of each type. if you can’t see them below then go here
(a desktop size picture is here)

7 thoughts on “one side of the street”

  1. Any chance of you taking those manhole covers and fusing them in a checkerboard formation to make one image? I think it would make a great desktop pattern.

  2. Wow – what a great image! You could “collect” these things (photographically of course).
    Interestingly, as the value of sc-rap metal has risen these past few months, several towns and cities have fallen victim to gangs of manhole cover thieves.
    They turn up at night, presumably with an official looking lorry or van, and also presumably with a special tool, and remove these things literally by the street-load.
    It causes massive problems for local councils who wake up to very dangerous streets, and a very expensive replacement bill. These cast iron covers are not cheap.
    I think the newer ones are more tamper-proof than the old ones, but I’ll bet that they are not so ornate.

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