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vintage hair

if nail salons are stuck in the 80s, hair salons are often living in the 70s.

just look at these chaps:

blue hair

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a new wig

here is an upswaydown self portrait in my new wig
and here is kezzy in the same a bit later

abandoned wig

i spotted this at the side of the road when i was doing the marathon. probably part of someone’s fancy dress.


hairbrush outside paddington station:

click for big

back to work

one of the annoying things about being a bloke is that we have to shave everyday. i find this a waste of time, especially in the morning when i’m rushing to get out of the house (i have the same attitude to food in the morning).
however, one of the good things about having 12 straight days off work has been the opportunity to grow some kind of a beard.
whilst i’m happy to exploit the ‘tramp chic’ style i’ve cultivated it’s been suggested that it’s probably a style more appropriate for vacation (and street living) than the world of office employment.
so, my last non-work activity of the holiday was the lopping of the beard (and shaving of the head). jane (my wife and head trimmer) did the honours up top whilst i removed the growth around my mandibles (do ladies have womandibles ?).
here is the before:
and here is the after:
small beard.jpg
i’ve adopted my usual happy photo pose which i know you all enjoy.

hair by malcolm

it’s true you know. in this shop they employ a number of people called malcolm to sit next to you when you are having your hair cut.
it’s a lovely, but ultimately pointless idea.


a massive clump of hair on the pavement on the way to the station this morning. slightly sinister i thought.


it’s always disturbing to find hair in the street. this was no exception.

big eye’s big hair

our old (he’s 50) friend Big Eye came round this evening and stood under our tree.
i think it worked well as an environmentally friendly hair piece (peace?).
what’s the most bizarre thing you’ve ever worn on your head in public ? i’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours.


i’m always disturbed to see big chunks of hair in the street.

more blue hair

last sunday we went round to our friend sally, tabatha and zac’s house for lunch with a number of other people (there was no festive melting skull table decoration this time). i got to play their PS2 all afternoon and got thoroughly confused about who’s heads i should be chopping off.
i wasn’t allowed to post this pictures last week as we used them in a competition at the party last night. but i can now. zac is looking good in his wig and glasses, whilst sally is looking mighty fine in the famous blue wig.

(click photos for big versions)
and here is another one of sally:

the amazing hair growing cat soap

here’s a present i got from Brother Edd. It’s an amazing hair-growing cat soap.
you take it out of its packet, leave it on a plate and within 12 hours it starts to grow fur, increasing in thickness over a number of days.
here it was when i opened it last night and after 12 hours:
DSC09222.jpg DSC09228.jpg
i’ll keep you updated as the fur grows. are you interested in where you can buy such an item ? do a google search

who is brother edd ?

you may be wondering who brother edd is. well he’s my brother and his name is edd. esther calls him brother edd too which is quite funny (in the same way that kezia calling me dave is quite funny).
here is esther and edd both wearing the blue wig. esther looks very shifty. brother edd looks normal.
DSC09123.jpg DSC09124.jpg