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another wig shop gone. it’s a real shame. i still remember Mr Gilbert fondly

scottish hairdresser

hairdressers always have great names. this one in leith is a great one

silly festival haircut
we’ve been on holiday for a fortnight so we’re back to manual updates now (rather than the random selection you’ve been having for the last ages). i’ve got tons of holiday photos, but for now, here are some from yesterday when jane and i went to Reading festival for the day.
by the end of our holiday i had quite bushy sideburns and hair, so jane cut me a comedy old person’s festival haircut involving a long strip of hair down the centre of my head and my sideburns.

stuff on the lines

commuting in this weather is not fun, especially as my usual morning train has been cancelled more often than it’s actually appeared in the last week meaning i’ve had up to a 3 hours miserable, hot, crushing commute to meetings. which isn’t fun.
but here’s a lighter on the train track
and here’s a comb on the tube track:

there’s no end to a dry cut

when you buy a hair cut you assume that it will finish at some point. that’s not always the case it appears.