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a blue hair hat

i said they’d be no more pictures of me, but here i am yet again. this time i’ve managed to secure a blue wig from the same charity shop as everything else i’ve bought this week.
i’ve provided you with a desk shot (with the now ubiquitous cemetry jacket) and a head shot. i need to develop a proper smile for photos. perhaps i need media training.
DSC08448.jpg DSC08448b.jpg
the wig is not some novelty item – it’s an actual proper wig with a an actual proper inside bit so you can get it to fit properly. Madonna used to take her stuff round to these local charity shops, so maybe it’s one of hers.
also note the tidyness of my desk in preparation for an office move in two weeks. more about this another day …

another hair hat

i bought another wig today for £3. the shop assistant was a smartly dressed lady in a wig. she was a he if you know what i mean. shopping in london is such fun. this is the same shop which sold me my cemetry jacket
here is esther demonstrating the wig. she wanted to keep it in her room overnight so she can put it on in the morning when she wakes up.
and he’s an even crazier thing. look at the sparkle in esther’s eye from the original version of the photo above:
the wig has powers we know not of. probably

hair hat

here is jane wearing a hair piece.
i wore a wig last night too. kezia woke up in the night and i went to see her. she looked at my head and said “hat”. then she felt it and said “hair”. then she thought for a moment and said “hair hat”.
we should get out more (if you are reading this and would like to invite us out, please do)


study this man’s head in detail. i did. for two whole hours as he reclined his chair in to my face on the flight.

dave’s hair styles

here are some 6 month blogaversary hair styles. i went for the retro police mug shot approach. the key thing is to look like i’m enjoying myself.
interesting, one of my entries on the first day of blogging 6 months ago involved wig-wearing (one of the wigs is featured again today to give wig-continuity)

old photos

computers are funny things. you come across all sorts of things in their nooks and crannies. these must be from around 1998-ish i would guess.
here are a few photos I discovered:
dave has many nice shirts. jane appreciates them.
jane points at daves old sideburns (now returned after a few years absence)
dave the sad old hippy. why did i ever cut my hair ?
update: jane thinks these photos were taken after esther was born, ie mid 1999 onwards. she can tell this because of the length of her fringe. fantastic !

retro hair

i was thinking of having a fancy 70s hairstyle. not sure, so i might just mullet over. [boom tish]

dave with long hair

click picture for bigger version.

photo taken by tony newell near Keswick, July 2002.
me with long hair and a nice rain coat.

mr gilbert

Often I walk down Praed Street. When my tube arrives at Edgware Road tube station I look to see what chances I have of catching my train. If it’s more than 10 minutes until the next one then I usually get off at Edgware Road and walk down to Paddington Station. This avoids the crush exiting the tube at Paddington. Both the Circle and the Hammersmith & City Lines are horrible in the rush hour.
One day I noticed that the eery Wig Shop on Praed Street was having a sale. This concerned me as I thought the shop might be shutting down.
The wig shop is run by the famous Mr Gilbert. He’s a real local character and I was concerned he might be moving on. So I decided I would enter his shop and see if I could get a photo of the great man in action.
I went in and he was there. He explained it was a genuine sale of ladies wigs (which didn’t interest me – I buy mine at great discount from charity shops). I mentioned that he was a local celebrity and asked if he would mind if I took a photo of him in his shop.
Unfortunately he declined to be photoed as he said that he does adverts for certain products and the people who employ him may not like his image being taken.
i respected this, bade my fairwells and excited forethwith. A real shame I though.
However, here is a link to a site which does have a photo of the man and a quick interview: Mr Gilbert
Just in case the link goes away, here is the photo from the Newspad site:

hair comments

A story from a while back when I had very long hair.
Sometimes I get a feeling I’m going to find a passport photo. One morning I was convinced I would find one if I walked from Paddington Station to Edgware road to cath my tube (instead of just catching it from Paddington). It’s good to walk.
On the way, by the bus stop on Praed Street a random man approached me and said:
“I like your hair long mate but it’s a shame because it’s a disgrace”
Interestingly – further up the road is a wig shop, run by the famous Mr Gilbert (of Paddington Green fame). He himself has long hair. (more on this later). What would the poor man have made of that shop I wonder …

wigs and non-wigs

one man in a wig:
photo by herve
two men in wigs:
photo by herve
one man’s real hair:
photo by dave