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the hottest day

it was as hot as summer’s day today, official the hottest day ever or something (for October i think). and london was packed. the BBC has some interesting weather news here
i had a meeting on the south bank and took my big camera to get some decent shots. unfortunately i’m clueless so most of my photos were rubbish (i need to go on a course …)
anyway, it’s also half-term holidays so london was full of tourists, especially just here.


i walked from paddington to brick lane yesterday morning to give a presentation. it started off very dark (because i left home just after 5.30) and was very foggy.
then, it got really nice and sunny:
but as soon as i passed the barbican it went foggy and really cold again:
and it was still foggy at lunchtime (note the lack of top of natwest tower)

the sun in the rain

i took this photo on a rainy june day, but only just thought of the title.

a little bit of snow

we’ve been so close to having a decent bit of snow for the last week, but it didn’t materialise. or happen.
this was as good as it got in central london. oh well.
catcusy thing:
daffodilly things:

not snow

i’m really missing the fact that it’s not snowing (despite snow in these parts being a rare thing).
i was a little heartened to see all these polystyrene bits over the street this morning. they even made a nice crunchy noise as i walked over them.
i tried sledging on them but just looked silly.
DSC06868.jpg DSC06869.jpg

london sky

i walked across hyde park on the way to a conference yesterday morning and there were some mad clouds in the sky.

click for big

it’s not snowing but …

it doesn’t snow much in the part of england where i live which is a shame. but there was a snowy flavour to a couple of emails i received yesterday.
so i feel it’s snowing in blogland if not in my real world (but this IS my real world i hear you say)
anyroadupdown, here is regular reader sarah sitting in a pile of Minnesotan snow:
and here is a link to some snow graffiti sent by matt the weblandlord which is most excellent and should be replicated wherever possible.

sunny winter day

i just love the low winter sunlight, it’s yellow glow and misty rays.
here are jane and julie wrapped up warm with the sun behind them.

view from the window

there some great clouds going by at the moment which reminded me that ages ago i said i was going to ask a geography teacher and a meteologist why it doesn’t rain as much first thing in the morning (ie why i usuallly manage to avoid rain on the way to work).
the geography teacher didn’t even believe my hypothesis. she lives in a rainy town in the west of town and hasn’t done much teaching for a while as she’s been making babies. so she’s probably forgot.
but our friend the meteologist sent the following:
You are quite right that it is more likely to rain in the afternoon particularly in the summer with showery type rain. Showery type rain comes from convective clouds and for convection you need wamer surface so air near surface can warm up and go up (convect!) To warm surface need sun, longer sun been out warmer surface, more convection more likely to have rain. In some parts of the tropics you can set your watch by when the rain starts in the afternoon.
Non-showery type rain (due to “weather fronts”) dont give a stuff about the time but thats the type which seems to rain all day (or more)

So now we know !

autumnal equinox

it’s now darker than it is light in the UK which is a shame. it’s dark when i leave the house and nearly dark when i get home. so that means i need to use flash for my photos which don’t look as good as when lit by the sun.
and so seasonally adjusted misery has kicked in and i’ve got my first sore throat and head cold. the weather’s too hot for a coat but too cold not to wear one.
enough of this uncharacteristic whingeing !
the leaves on the floor are starting to look nice.

mechanical weather

it’s often the case that you can find the source of weather whilst wandering the streets of london. i’ve found fridges on cold days, cookers and heaters on hot days, and here is a fan on a windy day.


yesterday it rained which appeared to be no surprise to the locals, but confused a few tourists. the site-seeing boats seemed well prepared and almost appeared to turn in to umbrella sail boats:


if you love rain then you’ll just love london. come to london and enjoy our rainy rain days, when it simply rains rain. even our british london queen has been enjoying her long reign whilst enjoying the rain.
rain. it’s what londoners love best.

holiday outlook

holiday weather forecast: high chance of rainbows from sunday onwards.