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british weather

british weather.jpg

isn’t britain great.  just look at the weather showing on the bbc website the other day.  classic stuff.

barmy weather


it was hot then it snowed lots but was a bit warm now it’s right chilly.  boring weather talk.  sorry.  this was a warm day

a bit of trouble with wind

it was a bit windy yesterday. i had a meeting in london and got blown along most of the southbank. i took this photo of the wobbly bridge as i was surprised it was so empty. in fact it was shut.
i was pleased with the photo though as it was just a grab shot, with a sideways gale wobbling me, but i still managed to get it vaguely level and centred ! i love the wide angle on my new compact camera.
it took me three and half hours to get home which was a bit of a shame. in fact i spent 5 and a half hours travelling today for a 3 hour meeting. just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse i saw the colour scheme on this screen.
today, i’m off to glasgow for the day, so let’s hope the wind calms down a bit !
and finally here’s a bollard waving a streamer in the wind. i tried to take a video of it, but the wind stopped. so it looked a bit boring. which it was.

the other side of the wet picnic

remember i posted a picture of my parents-in-law picnicing in the rain under a comedy poncho ?
well, we were huddling under my military poncho as can be seen here. there are four of us under there.
interestingly, at the time there was a lot of debate about who had the most cover in our family. you can view from the hood position that it was actually jane, not me, who had the most cover, despite the consensus at the time.

snow in june ?

i took this photo backin june. it looked like a local snow shower after some rain
but it was actually a collection of paper holes

is this really london ?

it’s been stupid hot in london the last few days. i have physically melted a number of times.
here is the serpentine lido with swimmers in the twenty+ degrees warmth yesterday before 9am.
and here are people enjoying Diana’s memory around her fountain thing
and in it

not great for the hot weather

it’s been very hot in london the last few days and yesterday was the hottest so far (in the low 30s i think). too hot for ttube travel anyway. but even hotter if your job involves you wearing coats and big hats. (although we all know they keep hot potatoes under there in winter and ice-packs in summer)

frosty holly
we’ve not had any snow where i live, but it has been quite frosty. here’s some frosty holly leaves i passed on the way to work the other morning

making the most of the small amount of snow

we were promised huge amounts of snow, but we got none. luckily we were visiting friends yesterday who live a few miles east of us and they had had a small frosting of snow.
not quite enough to do anything useful with, like build an igloo (esther’s usual request when snow is mentioned), but the girls did their best to extract as much fun as possible.