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a bit of trouble with wind

it was a bit windy yesterday. i had a meeting in london and got blown along most of the southbank. i took this photo of the wobbly bridge as i was surprised it was so empty. in fact it was shut.
i was pleased with the photo though as it was just a grab shot, with a sideways gale wobbling me, but i still managed to get it vaguely level and centred ! i love the wide angle on my new compact camera.
it took me three and half hours to get home which was a bit of a shame. in fact i spent 5 and a half hours travelling today for a 3 hour meeting. just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse i saw the colour scheme on this screen.
today, i’m off to glasgow for the day, so let’s hope the wind calms down a bit !
and finally here’s a bollard waving a streamer in the wind. i tried to take a video of it, but the wind stopped. so it looked a bit boring. which it was.