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a normally busy view:

shelter from the rain

it’s drizzling this morning and i’m over the other side of town for meetings throughout today. i decided to shelter in a sculpture at one very wet bit. here was my view:

nicola donati

i walked past the shop where the owner kindly let me shelter last friday. it’s called Nicola Donati and it was Nicola himself who i met.
if his fine tailoring is as good as his kindess to wet strangers then i’d highly recommend him. visit his website


on the way back to the station last night there were some incredible sudden rain showers. i sheltered under this shop canopy.
As if by magic, the shop keeper appeared and invited me to shelter in his shop. it was a really nice tailors shop and the owner was a very nice chap. it was obviously i was’t going to buy anything (my trousers are beyond repair) so it was simply a matter of kindness !
hoorah for such things. (if i remember what his shop is called i’ll let you know)
update: the shop is Nicola Donati. i took a photo of the shop on a dry morning here


the rain has emptied some trees of blossom. in some places this works well.


as a pedestrian, i find bikes a little annoying. they get up to all sorts of shenanigans with skant regard for passing walkers.
the worst of the worst has to be mobile phone using bike riders. here is one such girl, not quite managing to ride successfully the wrong way up a one way street.

the sun has come back

hoorah. it’s sunny again today. here is an abandoned brolly on a pub bench taking a well needed rest.

it’s cold

it’s cold and i’m inappropriately dressed. so i went to the local charity shop and bought a long armed shirt for warmth (i have no meetings today so casual is ok).
john insisted on putting his hat on my head and taking this photo of me and my mug of hot water. i feel he may be making a mockery.


ho hum. raining and cold day today.
ideal conditions to spray water all over the street. note how the spray has created another Stars In Their Eyes moment.