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signs (safety)

no hat no boots no job

you can’t fault their logic. if you’ve got no hat, you’ve got no boots. and if you’ve got no boots, you’ve got no job.

fantastic signs

look at these signs ! fantastic or what. i think they are genuine too.
a few minutes earlier i had walked past a van with a ‘contains radioactive material’ sign on the back.
it’s funny how days like that happen.

dead slow
(from brother edd)

cotswold wildlife park

we went for a family outing to the Cotswold Wildlife Park yesterday and it was very good.
i knew it would be good when i saw this sign, which covers so many different categories and includes the word ‘poop’ ! Expect lots of pictures of animals over the next few days.

a fantastic sign medley
how fantastic is this great medley. i especially like the people falling up and down things.


there’s real movement in this sign. it just shows what can happen if you have one leg longer than the other.

big nose’s big signs

big nose ugly guy sent me these excellent photos of the signs at the back of the British Museum. these signs have only been up for about a month and i was planning on searching them out myself. now i don’t have to ! thanks big nose, and good luck with your emigration.
climbing on lions is never a good idea

i’m off

i like the understated comments on this site safety sign.
there should be similar signs for websites.

reflect on danger

we’re all still thinking about the fragility of life.