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signs (safety)

you brute !

how do you deal with hooligans and other brutes ? if you are in a train station you have them dragged away by tractor.
but even tractors have limits.

are you sitting comfortably ?

i received this sign in a fancy text message to my phone. unfortunately i managed to delete the message that went with it so didn’t spot who it was from or where it was from.
so if it’s you, thank you and please let me know !

intriguing signs

no dwarves. always run away from old flames. don’t go in the box. go in the box. phone for sausages. all very strange

beer barrel lemmings

oh no – these beer barrels are going to throw themselves off this ledge. there’s a bad joke in here somewhere. i’m sure you’ll find it for me.

emergency stop signs

where do you go if you need an emergency stop sign in an emergency ? and how would you stop a delivery of emergency emergency stop signs ?
emergency is one of those words that if you repeat out loud to yourself enough times loses its sense and becomes just sounds. and it looks weird (as does the word weird)

tree surgery

tree surgeons dressed in clean gowns lie trees down on their operating tables and place them under anaesthetic (like i stand any chance of spelling that correctly!)

what can happen

i always wondered how this happens. and now we know.
the same can happen on the web apparently. you go to a website, stay their too long, and before you know it the world has grown up around you and you are left stranded on a tiny piece of sand.

mind your head

when you see a sign like this you want to look up and see what the danger is thus risking the danger they warn you against.
they should ban such signs for safety reasons

country sign

this winding path leads to a disease.
disease is one of those words that if you repeat it to yourself enough times stops sounding like a real word.
that makes it a good word i think.

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a finnish ice hand

we all know how scared finnish people are of ice monsters – well here is some proof (as if we needed it).
this sign was sent by ‘blog dipper’ Keith. he took it on a recent holiday to helsinki. he likes how this sign conveys the terror of the disappearing hand and so do i.

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a dangerous parish

i was very frightened when i saw this sign. it tells us that shooting happens around here for the sake of ‘conservation’ (perhaps a reference to taxidermy).
but the thing that really worried me was the big black square by the words ‘affiliated to’. does that mean they got struck off by whoever they were affiliated to for reckless shootery ? or is ‘the black square’ some kind of fascist gun club ?
either way, things don’t look good.

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swimming pool rules

no jumping in outlandish ways
and no diving (as demonstrated by brother-in-law kev)

the key is with wally

this is a secure compound. but where’s the key ?
click the picture to find out

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but where’s wally ?