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signs (safety)

the number 1 hazard is you!


i don’t want to worry you, but you are the number one hazard.  and we obviously need to minimise risks.  draw your own conclusion.



poor fish – he’s about to be terrorised by the strange black monster with three grabby arms

pedestrians keep right


i like the little message down the bottom which says ‘safety is no accident’.  makes me think of this

new falling rocks sign


the small man is standing on the shoe of a very big man whose thumb has dropped off

pedestrians beware of falling debris

-Media Card-BlackBerry-pictures-IMG00103-2.jpg

i love the word debris which i pronounce as debris rather than debris.  thanks to andy for sending this from scotland way i think.

classic escalator disaster


i like the offset triangle.  and the look of fun on the apparent victim.  he’s falling no-one.

extreme danger


there danger, then there’s extreme danger