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signs (safety)

warning sudden drop

sudden drops aren’t welcome. they are like the sleepy jivver (jivver is jane’s word for the sudden jump that sometimes happen as you fall asleep as you do an involuntary muscle spasm).
anyway, you don’t want a sudden drop opening under you.
plenty of warnings here

saying things simply

this first sign says it all. perhaps a bit patronising, but it doesn’t take much to understand what it’s getting at.
meanwhile this one, at a building site across the road, is very confusing. makes you think (probably)

cliff warning sign on the wrong side of the cliff

i don’t know. i think it might have been more sensible to have this sign facing so people walking by the top could see it, rather than those who have just managed to climb up the sea wall.
still, at least you’d have something to read on the way down if you feel off.