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ancient watches and calculators

here is an excellent site for lovers of 1970s/80s technology. loads of calculators and digital watches. even a TV watch from c1982.
click picture to go to site
i used to have this watch when i was a lad. it played the james bond theme tune and i would set it off and run around the playground.

simple kid

here is a weird thing i just heard about on the internet wireless.
we must all learn things from this (not sure what – probably not to listen to the internet wireless and click on links on websites)

trip through time

i’ve been having some troubles getting to the way back machine today as it seems to time-out. i did eventually manage to find a link that did work.
way back machine
(click to go there)
(for interest, i’m compiling info on how web access prices have changed over the last few years and want a few screen grabs of the big ISPs pricing pages since time began)

stealth disco

my office disco plans failed, so maybe i should do a stealth disco like these guys
Stealth Disco. Best Bits is best (of)
link thanks to t-bone

wooden neck items

wondering about christmas presents or simply want to know where to buy a like wooden tie ? well here are two places on t’internet i found.
i can’t vouch for the authenticity/safety of buying from these two places over the Internet as i’ve never used them myself. however, you may enjoy just looking at the websites !
noveltie for neckties
or how about:
a wooden bowtie ?
i particularly like the idea of a limerick section on a wooden bow tie site.

fiffi parade

remember i went to the fiffi parade ? well here is there website (and what an excellent site it is too. i get linked from one of the pages. the magical dog on the front page is most eeery)

flog your old stuff

i’m looking to sell some old theatre programs from the 1930s onwards. i went to charing cross road to see if anyone was interested. cecil court is the street for speciality bookshops.
i found a shop which was full of theatre programs. it was full because he had bought lots and not sold lots. as a result he wasn’t able/willing to buy any more.
he recommended adverts in the back of stage magazine. i also found this site:
Antiques UK

grrl radio back on

i love internet radio. it’s a great way of finding out about new bands etc. i’ve bought several albums after hearing stuff or being reminded of bands on Grrl Radio
Welcome to GRRL

You may need Winamp to listen