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Street Mattress

it’s another working from home day today. so much work, so little fun.
here is a link i got sent by a reader a while back but forgot to pass on. it’s a kind of random camera photo-y thing.
It’s called Streetmattress


Thanks to regular commenter dave for spotting this. what a totally marvellous thing


kids and parents guide to keeping safe on the internet

see the stars

interesting site if you want to see some tv programs being made in the UK.
applause logo.jpg


i got an email from Annie of the Going Underground Blog.
If you travel around london (or if you don’t) then you might enjoy her site
here is a Venn Diagram explaining this:
where area A is those that travel around london and area B is those that don’t travel around london.
i might have a new years’ resolution to do more venn diagrams.

best of british

what we british people do best is ‘mad people’. this week whilst on my way to meetings i’ve seen lots of mad people. it used to be they would walk down the street quietly chatting to themselves, but now they shout out as loud as they can and wave their arms about so they don’t get confused for hands free mobile phone users.
we do ‘excentrics’ quite well too. here is one particularly good one. Wilf Lunn. check out his inventions – you’ve got to love a man like this !

mysterious goings on

i think the e-landlord might be doing some work on the server at the moment, so apologies for any temporary blog disruption which may have or continue to occur. how i missed it when it was gone.
it’s just like the wispa bar, but i suspect they may be gone for good.
on the subject of old sweets, everyone must have seen this by now. Relive the sweets which made your teeth what they are today.

framley museum

i can’t recommend this highly enough (so i won’t)


i’ve been accused of offering a one dimensional blog service on account of my lack of audio and video content. i have occasionally branched out that way, but today i offer you a means of providing your own content
let them sing

collage machine

here is a cool thing, and best of all it’s got an Auto button, so you don’t need to waste time making your own art. i love auto buttons as much as i love turbo buttons
click picture to go there !


more from the weebls-stuff. a most excellent scampi. turn your sound on and enjoy

weebl anb bob

whilst searching for a picture of a weeble for my presentation i found the weebl and bob site. these clips appear on MTV2 sometimes and are excellent (though not always family friendly). This one is my favourite. works best with sound on.
i also found this bonkers thing ! you’ll be singing it all day.
if badgers aren’t your thing then maybe potatoes are.