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have fun classifying photos

it’s very rare for me to post a link to something, but this is an exception. what a fantastic way of getting other people to categorise photos – you never know a funkypancake photo might appear there sometime. i think i’m addicted to random word association with an unknown stranger !


london panoramas

here are a couple of sites you might not know about, or have forgotten about, which have london related fancy photos on.
There’s The London Map

and the other one is Digitally Distributed Environments, a great 3D modelling and panarama site i’ve been visiting for ages. it’s also got some cool models of london bits for Google Earth

an awsome photo website

i got an email from the chap behind Digitally Distributed Environment who has been taking absolutely fantastic panorama photos of london landmarks.
here’s one of his pictures. click it to go to the site
the pictures on the page are interested but to be really wowed, load the quicktime panoramas and whizz in and out and up and down !

web dog sign

here is a dog sign has been graffiti’d and posted to fantastic website Pictures of Walls. this one is here
sarcastic dogs.jpg
i found it via Russell’s blog (Russell reads this blog i think, so “hello Russell” if you’re passing).

fresh pigeon

regular appearer in the Robot section is mr robot.
mr robot wrote to me to inform me he has a new initiative. it’s fresh pigeon. check it out
(i think the links are work safe, but can’t be sure !)

the funkypancake kaleidoscope

i got an email from informing me that funkypancake makes a good kaleidoscope on account of its large amount of pictures.
so why not take a look at the funkypancake kaleidoscope. you can select funkypancake from the drop down favourites menu.
click on kaleidoscope again once you get bored to create another varient.
nice stuff !

a new venture

here’s my new venture. let me know what you think and/or if you have any vague facts you’d like to add.

geek gardener

check out matt’s blog, geek gardener. he’s ‘learning by doing’ in the garden. it’s the snails i feel sorry for.
matt is also the funkypancake webserver landlord
so that’s two reasons to check out his site.

Infinite cat

here is a very cool link sent to me by matt. If i had a cat i’d include it. but i haven’t so i won’t.
infinite cat.jpg


have you heard of the boobahs ? i bought a DVD of them for �2 last week and esther and kezia love them.
as a parent you usually have at least an idea of what is going on in a program, but the boobahs is just too random for words. it’s fantastic. as is their website. Apparently it’s educational.
i have a theory about this kind of program – the creators, producers and commissioners of this type of program are probably of the 60s generation who experimented with psychedlic drugs. they are now passing on their ‘experiences’ through the media of kids TV.
here are esther and kezia on the sofa (under a blanket) mesmerised:

xfm gets quality

xfm have added a faster, better quality streaming stream to their live stream (on a boat on a stream probably). you have to download the abacast client and it takes a whle the first time to get gong.
so now you can listen to top music and have a chuckle (particularly the 4-7pm UK time shows)


my colleague has just pointed me in the direction of this excellent website.
it’s one of a small number of websites which live on the same little server as funkypancake so that makes us web-neighbours.

a similar blog

here’s an interesting thing. it’s a blog which is a bit like mine, set in the same part of london with the same obsession for signs.
russell davies

lego Bible

this site has been going a while but i love going back to it to the latest Bible stories which have been built in lego.

british lawnmower experience

here is something nice for anyone interested in british life. lawnmowing is an essential part of the british psyche. unless you live in the middle of a town.
Visit the British Lawnmower Museum and listen to the music as you peruse the wonderous machines. The photo gallery is a little disapointing.
For real pictures you’ll have to go to the Old Lawn Mowers Club which has a mower of the month feature.
mower of the month.jpg
(thanks to John and brother edd for the links)