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grrl radio back on

i love internet radio. it’s a great way of finding out about new bands etc. i’ve bought several albums after hearing stuff or being reminded of bands on Grrl Radio
Welcome to GRRL

You may need Winamp to listen


2 thoughts on “grrl radio back on”

  1. Hi Possums!
    Well, this is my ALL time favourite radio station, except radio mafia 55 from Helsinki – BUT!!! since SOMETHING sstrange must have happen to ya servers, it is NOT possible to listen to the stream up here in GERMANY no more ;-((
    Every 15 second it is disconnected…. oh boy!
    I have a dsl connection (high speed), but it will not work… such a pitty…
    Help, I neeed ya radio, Bonnie! 😉
    hughs, Arne

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