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found stuff

my most valuable find ?

i spotted this thing on the floor this morning in a rather posh street. I suspect it might be quite valuable as it has some stamp on the metal and the jewel looks fancy.
but i know nothing about that kind of thing so it’s probably not worth anything. i left it on some railings in case the owner comes back to look for it.
DSC04225.jpg DSC04227.jpg

danger on the streets

there’s a tube strike today which means the streets are full of people with maps trying to find their way to work above ground for a change.
i kept wanting to shout “i do this everyday you know”. but didn’t. instead i enjoyed the chaos at every road crossing as people tried to work out the traffic light phasing and deal with the random london drivers.
i was heartened to see that if things got really bad people could turn to violence. this razor blade and carpet gripper thing (bit of wood with nails sticking up) would provide ideal weapons if someone wanted a duel.
not sure who would win though.
DSC04222.jpg DSC04223.jpg

work pass

it’s a work pass. handily dangled on some railings in case the lady in the picture comes back looking for herself.

found photo

a piece of photo. it’s a person but of unknown agenda.

what is this ?

i found this ‘this’ behind the church organ this morning.

snippets of conversations

travelling by public transport is always good for catching bits of people’s conversations.
the other day i overheard someone say “i’ve just had a conceptual epiphany. there are too many intervening variables”.
i thought i’d never remember that so i wrote it down.
here is a snippet of someone’s conversation in letter form. there’s enough here to spark interest.

welsh negatives

i got an email earlier today containing these negatives which mase found in the street in Cardiff. he says:
“I found a negative strip of 4 frames whilst walking to work today I work in Cardiff and found the strip discarded on a side street. The details are 8:55a.m. on Windsor Lane, Cardiff. I’ve scanned the print and have attached it.”
after a bit of manipulation in photoshop it looks like this when un-negatived:

soon and very soon i shall update davescollections with my latest finds and add it. thanks Mase !

lost and found

this morning i saw a cat lying in the morning sun at the side of the road with its tongue dangling out. sadly it had become an ex-cat and i was a little sadened (after being happy-ed by the budding flower).
a few steps along the pavement was a tiny square of carpet (about 10cm square)
and a little further a long the street was this VISA card. i phoned up the stolen helpline and they said it had already been reported stolen. they said if i took it in to a bank they may give me a reward but the lady on the phone said she doubted it !
i suspect all three things are related but i don’t know how/why.

fag ends in a plastic bag

i used to know a guy who would always ask me if i had any cigarettes i could give him. i don’t smoke so i always said no. he would then inform me that it didn’t matter as he would pick up some tab ends off the street.
that was over 10 years ago but i hear he’s still going through the same routine with passing strangers.
maybe he’s got a franchise going on or a brother in london with the same make-do attitude.



fridge bin

where do you put all that stuff you want to throw in the bin, but might go off and stinky if it gets too warm ?
answer is the fridge bin.
there’s still the problem of what to do with your half drunk half pint of beer (as seen here)

a photo !

i found a photo for davescollections today. it was a real achievement as it was a face down job (so it looked like any old scrap of paper). hoorah.
i’ll put it on the site tomorrow evening.

out doors

it’s so hot in london that people are spending more time outside than they usually would. there’s always those who want to make a statement and go one step further.
a few people have taken the phrase ‘out doors’ a little too literally.