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found stuff

dr marten film canister

i work in the ‘media quarter’ of london and occasionally i’ll see film canisters lying around. here was one tied to some railings on tottenham court road.

losy eeyore

i’m working from home today so got to take esther to school which was fun. there was a coffee morning for parents so i had a hot water as esther proudly showed me all the work she’s already done this term.
then it was registration time so i came home to work.
on the way we saw this lost eeyore. According to esther he’s been there all week and has no tail.

found photo

it’s been a while since i’ve found a photo. i think this is punishment for not keeping davescollections up to date, but i will update it. soon ok.
so i was delighted to find this scrap of photo this morning on bentinck street where i once found this jewel.
DSC01344.jpg DSC01345.jpg

other people’s lives

here’s someone to do list. mostly shopping for water, salad, birthday card, rings for dave and janessa (jewellry always popular), toothpaste and the Internet. and exchange rates for America.

wedding gift

this looks like a gift from elaine and roger from their wedding. how generous to give your guests a piece of ribbon.
but what of that word ‘ebration’ on the label. is that ‘inebriation’ (spelt slightly wrong, but that never stops me ?

ironing board

i see quite a lot of these. perhaps they should have their own category.

abandoned caravan

there was a couple of abandoned caravans in the paddock behind where we were staying in scotland:
DSC05254.jpg DSC05275.jpg
i think this would make a great desktop picture:

click for big fun (but don’t blame it on the sunshine)