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found stuff

vin’s quality find

vin foundpic 010a.jpg

regular commenter Vin sent me these photos of a fantastic passport photo find.  he also sent me the actual photo which i’ve put in my found photos tin.

vin foundpic 009a.jpg

in due course i’ll add it to my davescollections website, but i’m frightened to do that at present  as it may not survive being updated due to the same problems i had with funkypancake

found passport photo

i can’t explain the buzz i get when i find an actual lost passport-sized photo in the street.  it is quite marvellous.  especially if it’s face down and you have to turn it over to reveal whether it’s a real one or not.


(blurred as it’s of a child)

found man

absolutely ages ago, our friend gill gave me this passport photo she found and stuck on her fridge for my davescollections website.  i daren’t update that website at the moment for fear of breaking it (like funkypancake) so it’ll just have to be here for now.


photo in the rubbish

i usually draw the line at going through rubbish, but this pile of spilt bin liner contained so many goodies !  here is a photo (i picked it up but it was smeared with something very unpleasant so i put it down again then worried i’d caught a horrible disease!)


and here’s the rest of the junk.  in there is an MP3 casing and a cigarette lighter.


boy 56

i found this chap on Sussex Gardens, London on the way to paddington station. it was face down which is the best way to find passport photos. the joy which greets you when you turn it over and find it’s a real passport photo is amazing !
more like this on davescollections of course

boy 55

another one for davescollections, this time found by a cash machine near the station in Reading.

boy 54

hot on the heels of boy 53 is boy 54, also a train pass photo. this time i handed it in at Paddington Station so i’m unlikely to make the reunion myself.

reunited !

can you believe it, i managed to reunite this chap with his lost travel card! hoorah for a happy ending.
in all my time collecting photos for davescollections, this is the first one i’ve reunited
for those interested in the story of reunition:
from the ticket i knew his local train station, so i found which train operators run out of that station and phoned their lost property department. they put a note with my phone number in his file and when he went in to buy his replacement ticket he got the message to phone me

found train pass

i found this train pass on the way to work yesterday morning. it’s still got a month to run on it and costed 235pounds and thirty pence. i phoned his local train station and they took my phone numbers so if he gets in contact i can hand it over to him in person.
i’ll let you know what happens and if i do meet him i’ll be sure to capture the moment on camera and post to davescollections
(i’ve obfuscated (great word, but probably spelt wrong) all the sensitive details on the picture)
update: reunited here

the mystery thing

here’s something from last may. it’s esther and kezia spotting something on the floor. but what is it ?
it’s a thing:

passport photos

i walked past this little scrap of paper yesterday morning and after a few steps i thought “i wonder if that’s a passport photo”, so i went back and found it again.
here’s a photo of it. it was stuck in a muddy puddle under a little bush on the edge of the road.
i managed to kick it out from under the bush and flip it over and it WAS a passport photo !
once i knew what it was i was happy to put my hand in the muddy rain to retrieve it for the collection.
i can’t explain the joy of finding a genuine passport photo, especially in such unlikely circumstances. so i won’t.

a big pile of photos

here’s a pile of photos i found on tottenham court road

some have writting on the back explaining what they are:

girl 30

as seen on davescollections
i found this woman a couple of weeks back. she was here with some negatives (which show a rock band and some kittens !)

here are the negatives

with the photos were some LPs:

and curiously some old bank statements