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found stuff

pre-prepared passport photos

what a great time saving idea – this photo shop has a selection of pre-prepared photos in its window to save you having to wait !

see davescollections for more lost/found photos

hair in keswick

here is a bit of a passport photo, ideal for one of my other websites: (which i’ve recently updated by the way).

unfortunately all we got was the hair.

a rich seam of passport photos

libraries are great places to find lost photos. especially university ones as we all know what students are like.
here’s a display of lost/found passport photos from the library window at UCL.

i’ll add to at some point

found photo

aha. the holy grail of street stuff is the lost photo. the lost passport photo is the king of the crop.
so imagine my excitement when i saw this on the floor. could it be a passport photo ?
i picked it up and yes !

a little along the street was this slightly burnt ‘passport photo holster’.

i’ll add this to davescollections when i get a chance

found pile of photos

here are two photos we found on my marathon training walk in henley. one was of an elderly lady and the other was a school photo.

reject advertising

i thought this was a giant photo but i suspect it’s some kind of advertising thing.
just cuz someone threw it away doesn’t mean the idea isn’t good. maybe it just wasn’t appropriate for where they wanted to take their brand.


DSC06682.jpg DSC06683.jpg

the streets are made of gold

there’s a gold thing stuck in this pavement. i wasn’t sure if it was a ring or an ear ring. either way i didn’t pick it up.

word 18 – stranger: a new find

another one for davescollections. or is it ?
it was sent to me by the notorious Boy 34. He claims this time it’d real, but can we be sure ?
I’m inclined to agree this time as i think the strange holes in this photo are beyond a prankster’s experience. but i could be wrong.
whether it’s real or fake, it’s still fantastic !
DSC05466.jpg DSC05467.jpg

found photo

i found a passport photo this morning near my hotel in brussels.
i’ll add to davescollections in due course.


found in the street 19 November 2004
finally got round to publishing it – i think we can safely say my photography skills have improved since back then !

my found photo collection

yesterday i spread all my found photos out on our living room floor, helped by my daughters.
i was very pleased with the modern girth of my collection.
see them all at

fan stand

here is a fan stand. i suspect the fan on top blew too hard and whizzed off somewhere on its own. but where ?

boy 50

i returned from holiday to find my colleague Telco John had found this passport photo for me. what a nice thing to return to.
see it on