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blue velvet trousers


way too tight, but way too cool to chuck away. not sure if i ever actually wore them. definitely gone in the pile marked ‘take’

try our shirt service


nearly posted this with a typo in the title which would have been rather less family friendly than your usual funkypancake fayre.

i love this sign.  not entirely sure what it means.  but it’s a great.

military poncho


i haven’t mentioned my military poncho for a while, but it’s still an essential part of my wet weather wardrobe.


for example, here’s a picture (taken by jane’s mum) of jane and i eating our picnic in the rain on an island in wales


and here we are slightly before a horrendous rain storm turned up on a boat.  everyone laughed at me in my poncho, but i had my camera bag on my knee hence the strange look.


when the rain storm came everyone got absolutely soaked, but i stayed dry (except my backside which got a soaking from the seat).  i got asked a number of times during the day where i’d got my poncho from as the once scoffers had become converts.

so there you are folks.  a military poncho update.  shown here is my lightweight model, ideal for summer showers.  the real heavy duty one is reserved for guaranteed rainy days.

trendy clothes

two charity shops next door to each other both had signs with the word trendy on them.
is the rail or the clothes that are trendy ?
young and trendy (better than vanilla trendy)

today’s one pound apparel

is this a today only, or a constantly updating ‘today is today’ type sign ?
and who voted this london’s best budget shop ? wasn’t me. i was just looking for a plain t-shirt and found only logo’d ones.