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illegal parkers will be removed

why would a parker be illegal ? do the fashion police now have power of confiscation ?
and today i learnt that a parka isn’t spelt parker.

jane in my military poncho

here is jane wearing my favourite piece of clothing. there’s NOTHING like this coat for keeping the rain out of you and your backpack bag. or for sitting on at a picnic.
i love my military poncho.

the wrong clothes
luckily her fear of horses didn’t apply to bicycles

plenty of room

king sized:

click to inspect the protrusion


regular reader Vin spotted this strange phenominuum in Acton yesterday. it’s a tie attached to a car. or perhaps it’s a road kill’s tie and the poor victim is stuck up there under the bonnet (or ‘hood’ if you are phoning the site from the New World)

it reminds me of those funny anti-static rubber dangling things that were popular on cars in the late 70s. did they ever work ?
we need to work together to find a car with such a device on the road in these modern times. if you see one, take a photo and email it to me


brother-in-law kev sent me this picture of a sign:
and it reminded me of this which i saw on the beach in norfolk:
is it a flag ? no. it’s some pants:

click for big

changing room

it’s not just superheroes who get changed in telephone boxes. here’s an old jumper of non superhero quality.

teeny t-shirt

i thought piece of wripped cigarette packet was a little teeny weeny t-shirt at first. but it wasn’t.

baby sarah’s got a puncture

i’ve never really thought about ponchos. perhaps i should have.
i quite liked these matching ponchos which esther and kezia received from their grandma on christmas day. kezia misheard what they were called and ran around telling everyone she had a ‘puncture’.
our neice sarah had been wearing a poncho the day before which prompted kezia to shout out “baby sarah’s got a puncture hasn’t she ?” rather randomly during a meal !
and here is baby sarah (photo taken by esther):