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wildlife photography


tony gets up real close to a heron.  click to admire in full glory

pigeon worrier


today and yesterday i’m on a work course at Chelsea football club.  during the breaks we popped out on to the terrace to look at the view.  at one point this bird landed on the railing next to our seating area.  there were two of these flying machines apparently worrying pigeons




biological hazards

there are signs along the M4 motorway on the way in to london which inform drivers they are entering a Foot and Mouth control zone. i always pull over my car and let the cows out.
there are enough biological hazards in the UK without people risking further infection by putting pigeons on their heads in the name of tourism. i can’t be doing with pigeons.

the day i got terrorised by seagulls whilst looking for puffins thus proving i’m a chicken

i went to inchcolm island to see the puffins. but unfortunately i got terrorised by hundreds (literally) of angry seagulls who were nesting along the path that would take me close to where the puffins would be. the puffins have been scared off too it seems which is a shame.
i did see the seals (sea the seels?) but that wasn’t quite the same. the closest i got was possibly this but it’s probably not puffins