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do not hop in the pens


blatant disobedience by the cockerel here


but putting a prohibition on hopping was a bit unfair on the rabbits


so good on the birds for breaking rank and revealing the sign’s stupidity


meany red legs


this bird single handedly (wingedly) cleared a whole flock of birds out the way at a beach we visited recently.  it ruffled its feathers up, pushed its head back and stomped at each one in turn, driving them away like an over zealous school care takers.  it was the stuff of comedy gold.

wild chickens


we live a bit out of town from the main part of Auckland – we’re not rural by any means, but we’re close to it.  you can get all the way from my office to our home without leaving any urban streets containing houses for example. 

but within a few short minutes drive you can be out in the sticks (or the ‘wops’ as they refer to it).  and one of the great thing about that is you see a lot of wild chickens wandering about.


this was a particularly large one in an ice cream shop carpark.

how do we encourage birds to use our new bird feeder ?


it’s been nearly a week and so far we’ve had no bird visitors to our new bird feeder.  i tried to tempt them with bread bits but they’ve not bitten (literally).  any thoughts ?


i know comments are a bit tricky so feel free to email me directly: dave at

some birds


it’s a flying king fisher and a heron in down town auckland


two birds just like back in the UK.  both common sights over here apparentlinio.


headless penguin


another of my classic headless birds/animals pictures.

and to make up here’s a penguin with two heads


two heads are better than none i say

red kites


you know what, i’m going to really miss the red kites when we leave


sometimes there are literally over a dozen swooping by around our house


and if i’m working from home they often swoop lower than our upstairs window meaning we can look down on them


just the other day one sat on the roof across the road.  i just had time to grab my camera before it whizzed off again.  i hadn’t realised their faces were so blue.  i guess that’s why they call them red kites.