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seagulls and eagles are actually different words. i’ve tried explaining that to kezia but she won’t listen. perhaps it’s me that’s got it wrong. it wouldn’t be the first time i’ve got very confused on such things.

another bird appearing to have no head. this picture looks a bit better bigger, so don’t be frightened to click it
here it is half a second later (proving it does have a head)

mad chicken

this is a fancy breed of chicken which has mad feathers on its head preventing people from seeing its face. unfortunately it also gives the appearance that its head has been chopped off ! (which it hadn’t)

bird flew
it’s a day for sequences today, so here’s a sequence of a pelican flying in st james’ park
they never seem to get very high
it seems to be about shaking your wings enough to fling yourself out of the water
before giving up and splatting back down in the water

vin’s birds

Vin is a regular commenter on funkypancake, and sent me this fantastic bird picture which he made reference to on his comment here.
click to enjoy it’s excellentness. i really should spend longer trying to take my photos !


it’s that bird again. this time flying away
diving madly in to the crowd

bird of prey

here’s a bird of prey at a country show demonstration. no idea what sort.

peregrine falcon

remember this ? i thought they were photographers, but they were/are actually bird watchers. i attempted to take some photos but failed miserably:

there’s a couple of peregrine falcons living up the Tate Modern tower and they’ve got their telescopes trained on them.

if you are in the vicinity of the South Bank you must go and have a look. they are quite fantastic
here are the two bird-men looking completely in the wrong direction