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lake monster (or black swan) ?


6 thoughts on “lake monster (or black swan) ?”

  1. Nature lesson: I was going to say that black swans come from New Zealand as you tend to only get black swans over there…with very few white ones….but decided to check it first on google, only to discover that the black swan originates from australia, but flew to NZ in about the 1800s and expanded. So – I will now say that black swans are Antipodean and you see a lot of them over there!

  2. funny you say that re swans breaking your arms…..when I was a teen in NZ (brought up there) I vaguely knew a girl who died under strange circumstances near a pond (i think it was)…the gardener was blamed for ages until detailed investigations concluded that she must have been killed by a swan.
    And, as a former rower, I know from experience that you really need to be careful of them…they can be vicious

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