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sea gull


3 thoughts on “sea gull”

  1. Nice pic! I saw something weird in the way of bird behaviour the other day.. Hawk and crow flew over my flat and the crow was having a real go at the hawk, squawking and pecking at it.. like it was telling it to get off its patch and go hunt mice elsewhere.. just thought I would share that 🙂
    Afterthought: Must get digital camera so I can capture things and send them in.

  2. A very good pic. Was it a lucky shot or did you take loads to get this one good sharp one? On holiday last year I spent ages photographing the blighters and deleting, deleting, deleting. Finally I got quite a dramatic one of two gulls fighting over a chip.

  3. it was a bit of a ‘lucky’ shot but most of mine are !
    kezia was feeding some ducks and this bird flew by. my SLR camera is very good at quick focussing, especially in sport mode.
    pity about the background i think. next time i should spend a bit longer trying to get the perfect shot.

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