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justin’s fireworks

one of my colleauges at work has an anual firework spectacular party at his house and we were priveledged enough to be invited.
here are esther and kezia and their friend watching the fireworks:
here is justin watching his handywork
and here he is once it’s all over

musical office

have i shown you this before ? it’s my musical clonking thing which i keep on my visitor desk in my office.
you hit them with the little leather hammer (on the left) and they make a great mountain goat noise.
every desk should have them. you can use them to transfer your own stress levels to your colleagues. by giving them a good clonk i feel better and they feel worse.
and if i clonk the clonking things instead of my colleagues it’s even better. boom tish (or should that be clonk clonk)

my strange office

due to holidays, conferences, meetings and the modern ability to do so, i’ve only been at my desk about 6 times in the last 2 months.
today i spotted two strange things.
justin now has a plant growing out of his head

and pete’s head has been removed and placed in his in-tray

working from home

i worked from home yesterday which is about a once a week thing for me (meetings permitting). here’s a picture of my desktops in case you were wondering.

goodbye laura

long time readers of funkypancake will remember Laura the receptionist who once caused a medical emergency in the office when she cut her finger a tiny bit on a piece of paper.
i haven’t seen her for ages as she now works in a different building, but she emailed today to say she’s going to work for a different company and wanted to say goodbye to all the funkypancake viewers.
she’s says she’s still not completely famous, but is working on it. she sent me this photo to post of her. so, goodbye and goodluck Laura !

telco john

what kind of people do i work with you ask ?
people like telco john is the answer.

what is this i see before me ?

here is my colleague harry. he’s just spotted that the fridge has moved itself out from its usual hiding place.
fridges generally sleep during the day and harry was concerned that this one might be ill or injured as it was out in the day.
harry adopted a soothing voice and attempted to woo the fridge back in to its alcove. unfortunately he was not successful and it remained for a couple of other colleagues to man handle it back.
i’m working from home today. just to be safe.

a colleague

do you spot the similarity between this man here and the top picture here ?

click for big

the best slidey man

who is the best slidey man ? well, last night, despite not winning, i was deemed the best slidey man.
i was obviously disappointed not to win. here i am looking very sadened alongside the winner and another loser:

click for big
in the heat of the moment, in the game, i pulled off some audacious moves and surprised myself with my gamesmanship.
As a result i was presented with this luxury engraved tankard by a very important fellow:

the day job

a couple of people have emailed recently to enquire what i do work-wise. here is a clue. it was my first time giving evidence in front of a Select Committeeb and it’s weird to think my words will turn up in Hansard for all history tomorrow. something to show the grandchildren one day perhaps.
the picture is Portcullis House. and here’s a report in the paper.

jum’s a winner

it was the annual awards for the uk internet industry last night. we won an award which was very exciting.
here is Jum modelling the award. does he look better with it or without it ?
DSC07640.JPG DSC07649.JPG
and here’s me looking smart (a rare occasion):

open plan office

on the South Bank there is a publishing company which has its offices next to the public walkway. They have massive windows and no privacy !
last night as i walked past i saw that one of the offices, which used to contain some big-cheese from the looks of it, had been gutted. i drew the conclusion that the owner of the office must have left the company and his/her spoils were up for grabs.
it’s a classic tale – we worklike mad for years thinking we’re making a difference, but once we’ve left people are more interested in taking ownership of our deluxe stapler than for anything we contributed to the job.
cheery thursday morning thoughts. still, have a look at the stuff on offer !

click the pictures to view in more detail

quiet please

i like how this sign seems to scream ‘quiet please’ as loud as possible by being in capital letters (yuck!) on a yellow background with a white border.
let’s make this our message for the day.
please, for the sake of this blog, perleeeease, just this once, will you please BE QUIET

the vegetarian option

here is my colleague liz at our office christmas lunch. she’s a vegetarian which is well accepted in most restaurants in these modern days. however, the restaurant we went to obviously wasn’t so sure, so to be safe they just gave her a plate of rice instead.

the open fridge incident

when i got in to the office yesterday morning just after 7.30am i discovered the fridge door was open.
i just thought i’d share that with you.

the office do

office christmas parties are always interesting occasions. i’ve been at my present employ (how posh am i!) for 4 years now so i knew lots of people there and had a jolly good time.
here is our leader (the big cheese) giving his annual christmas address to the company:
here is telco-walter having a cigar:
and here is one of my current desk-neighbours called Simon. they are moving to a different floor next week, so perhaps i’ll get another photo of him and his chums in a few days time:

more media

i went to a place where they were showing what the future would be like for a drinks reception as part of a conference i went to recently. it was too hot and stuffy and we were trapped because it was a bus ride from civilisation.
someone said it was like being trapped in an Dixon’s warehouse, which it was.
there was some good points though. the food was fantastic and i got to see an actual 3D TV which was really showing proper 3D stuff without requiring magic glasses etc. it was totally incredible.
less impressive was this massive bank of flat screen tellies each showing a different program. i’ve seen the future but i couldn’t find the remote control or the off button.

my desk

i’m working from home today, so here is a picture of my desk in london i took last friday.