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there are a few reasons why i get up at 4.45am to drive down one of this country’s busiest motorways so i can start work at 6am.  the main one is because it allows me to leave the office at 4pm (meeting commitments permitting) and i can be home to have dinner with the family

last night when i got back we decided it was still light and warm enough to go for a quick geocache and look at a ford.


i noted this ‘flood’ sign in the middle of the ford.


by the way, another couple of reasons i get up so early are: that motorway isn’t busy, and (most relevantly) my clock gains about a minute every fortnight and i’ve been slowly getting up earlier for the last year without really realising it !  it also means my clock is always wrong.

when work and home collide

i’m featured in the back page of Telecoms Professional magazine in my
work capacity this month !  It’s the magazine from the nice people at The Institute of Telecommunications Professionals

TP-February - p34 revised copy.png

Click on the version above (i’ve edited out my real surname for some internet anonyminity) to learn all about me. Regular blog readers will know most of it anyway although it’s always nice to have a recap !

team building


we had a work outing to a carting track in london last night.  i chose to photo rather than drive.


i’ve also been experimented with some post-processing in Adobe Lightroom


Wadyafink ?  Is it ok for funkypancake to be fiddling so ?


see all the shots here

no work to start before 8am

i disagree with this sign. i get in to my office at 6.40am when i drive (to avoid motorway madness). i say “no work after 4pm”. perhaps i should make a sign.

lunch at the dorchester

here’s the view from the penthouse at the Dorchester on Park Lane.
070626_850_img_3486.jpg 070626_850_img_3485.jpg
i was there for a work eating meeting. it might have been the poshest work lunch i’ve been to. here was the food i sneakily photographed (i had to be a bit stealthy as we were on one table and everyone was involved in the same conversation.
070626_850_img_3491.jpg 070626_850_img_3492.jpg
070626_850_img_3493.jpg 070626_850_img_3495.jpg

commute by boat whenever possible

one of my colleagues said the best way to get to our office near St Catherine’d dock was by using the Thames Clipper. i caught it from Savoy Pier (which is a short walk from Embankment,
which is on the Bakerloo line from Paddington), and it was fantastic. much better than the tube and comparable speed wise

european parliament

last week i spent a few days in brussels, including giving a talk at a breakfast meeting in the european parliament. brussels was surprisingly sunny and i found the city quite enjoyable for a change !

liz’s leaving do

here is liz at her leaving do balancing a prawn on her head.

the ispa awards

thursday night was our industry awards night. this year hosted by lee hurst who was quite hilarious (not a word i use lightly).

secret santa brought me gloves and a lighter

we had a secret santa at work, and i got these nice gloves and a lighter. someone has obviously been reading funkypancake !
actually, i’ve done rather well out of this as i need some new gloves, and lighters are always handy to have around at christmas for lighting candles etc.

modern office

it’s 2006. we should all be working like this nowadays.

toby’s head

here is a chap i work with called toby. i randomly walked past him in ealing yesterday. i was on the way to work and so was he (but in completely different locations).
i was walked as my car was being mended. a boring and anoying story i’ll tell you in person someday. too tedious and annoying for documentation here.
meanwhile, have a picture of toby’s head.