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signs (of other animals)

fly tipping

fly tipping is a bit like cow tipping. with wings.

frogs crossing

here are some frog crossing signs on a country lane
it’s not clear whether these are warnings to frogs or people. they could be outlines of previous incidents.

slow children and animals

a slow animal is a tortoise. children aren’t ever slow. unless it’s close to bedtime and you ask them to get in to bed quickly.

penguins crossing

paul sent me this photo of penguins crossing in new zealand. isn’t it great ! who’s paul you ask ? well, he’s my old house mate. here are him and i one new year here [cringe]

strictly no fishing

there’s strictly no fishing on this bridge.
the two chaps on the bridge are fishing. erm.

andy’s signs

andy went to eurodisney or whatever it’s called in the modern world, and caught some great french signs for us:

guineas on the loose

jane was busy doing a toy sale at preschool yesterday so i took the girls to the various curious Wellplace Zoo.
the place has free-range guinea pigs everywhere. esther counted 32 but i think there may have been some double counting as they kept running down little cut-throughs.
in addition to the guinea pigs and taxidermy (nothing is wasted!) they have a collection of fibre-glass dinosaurs !
this one was holding the no-guinea-grabbing sign
expect lots of photos over the next few weeks (i’ll spread them out so we don’t have zoo animal overload).

young pheasants

motion blurred (because i was moving) sign warning of the danger of young pheasants. we only saw this photo after we’d cycled through about a hundred mad running pheasants on a road !

sheep crossing

here is the actual sheep, actually crossing its actual field.

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