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signs (of other animals)

quality signage

these were from an animal place we went to a month ago.  i asked esther if she could think of an alternative meaning for this sign and she thought it probably meant they smashed a bit of the the outside of animals fur off for security.


we are guinea pigs


lost and found

do you often wonder whatever happened to all those lost cats as seen on signs stuck on posts ? well, this one has been updated to let us know that it’s been found, which is great feedback.
however, this cat is still missing which is a shame.
although, now seeing these two signs (which were on the same street) side by side, i note that the one at the top is in a plastic bag and drawing pinned to a tree, whilst the one at the bottom was laminated and cable-tied to a post and offers a 100 pounds reward. but which one has been more successful ? anyway, i hope the other cat turns up too.

dangerous animal sign

look at the big chunk out of this hand. nasty. (sent by andrew if i remember correctly)