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signs (of other animals)

a duck’s eye


it’s the attention to detail i love.  look at the eye on this.  not quite sure where i took this photo as the houses are very brick.  think this must have been one of my last UK pictures.

no dog OR cat in to our shop


a few things to note about this sign.

first it’s addressed to dead.value.customers.    they know we appreciate value which is why we shop at their fish and chip shop

and it tells us we can not take any dog OR cat in to our shop.  let’s ignore the take/bring thing.  i can’t spell so i can’t comment.

but it does make you wonder if you could technically take a dog AND cat in to our shop.  i’ll have to try it.

Thank you ….  (4 dots)

beware of the scarey (scaredy?) cat


i saw this sign out of the bus window last week as i commutted to work and thought to myself that i needed to get a picture of it.  luckily we went out for a walk with our friend Abbie on Saturday afternoon and happened to walk by it !  so here it is in nice clearness rather than out the bus window wobblyness !

stags in field


this would be much better if it had the word ‘a’ in it.  ie stags in a field.


don’t feed jigsaws to seagulls

Devon hols 045.jpg

thanks to georgina for sending this excellent example of jigsaw etiquette from the sea side.

we learn that seagulls make a mess and can get aggressive.  same can be said for many of the visiting tourists after 9pm i suspect.

mountain lions like children

edd 5th april 160.jpg

brother edd is in america somewhere and found this rather worrying sign. “keep children close as mountain lions seem to be especially drawn to them”. it’s not clear whether it’s recommending you take a child with you to enhance your chances of spotting a seldom seen cub.
(pop puns caught from the Exiles where they regularly pop up)