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model and her fiance

the model’s boyfriend wasn’t quite so sure about this photography lark.



portrait course week 2

i’m currently doing a short nightschool course on studio portrait photography with Tony (not big eye). it’s very good, and has revealed i’m essentially clueless on proper photography !
i was quite pleased with the photo above though, and the one below isn’t bad. the subject is another chap on the course.
and here we all are randomly photoing

tube fashionistsa

here’s my homage to Going Underground‘s underground fashion thing. all people showed here allowed me to take their photo.
green hair is SO cool.
very pointy shoes are cool too.

bored mozarts

these chaps were being mozart-like in vienna to entice tourists in to concerts. they didn’t look that bothered though.
and things looked even worse a day later


fellow photographer of strange things

this chap was taking a picture of a litter picker-upper so i took a picture of him taking his pictures to show you. when he had finished photoing i explained that i too took pictures of random objects in the street
“why do you do that ?” he said
“to put on my website,” i said
“how about you, why do you take pictures like that ?” i said
“because they don’t have these kind of litter pickers in India and i’ve see lots of old people stooping over picking up litter and a device like this would really help them out.” he said
“you’re reasons are much nobler than mine” i said
and off we both went.
what with him and the chap on monday i’m beginning to wonder if i’m not fullfilling my full potential