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the watched snog


i went to see the Rodchenko exhibition on friday and was inspired to take this photo.  it was only afterwards i noticed the girls with balloons on the top left.

a very small man

this was a half accidental optical illusion.  i was actually trying to take a picture down a gap in the footway to the right, but missed.


other people’s weddings

according to the polish taxi driver who picked me up from heathrow to take me back home after my warsaw trip, people in Poland have their wedding photos on a different day to their actual wedding. As a result they are a lot more relaxed and can be more ‘set up’. He knew this as he was going back to Poland to get married (today in fact i think)
when i was in poland last week i got to explore Park Lazienkowski which was lovely
there were lots of people having their wedding photos which made for a great spectator sport.
you can see what this place looks like from the sky on google maps
070901_350d_img_3596.jpg 070901_350d_img_3598.jpg
even as i left there were more pouring in !

please buy my product

i crossed over the road rather than walk past these two and be given a leaflet. i’m probably not in their target demograph or something.