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other people’s weddings

according to the polish taxi driver who picked me up from heathrow to take me back home after my warsaw trip, people in Poland have their wedding photos on a different day to their actual wedding. As a result they are a lot more relaxed and can be more ‘set up’. He knew this as he was going back to Poland to get married (today in fact i think)
when i was in poland last week i got to explore Park Lazienkowski which was lovely
there were lots of people having their wedding photos which made for a great spectator sport.
you can see what this place looks like from the sky on google maps
070901_350d_img_3596.jpg 070901_350d_img_3598.jpg
even as i left there were more pouring in !

2 thoughts on “other people’s weddings”

  1. Did the Taxi Driver say whether he had already had the wedding photos taken in London before he left or perhaps he is saving them for the honeymoon.
    That must be why I’ve never seen any wedding photos of Polish couples on bad weather days…

  2. mr sideburns ! great to hear from you.
    good point on rainy polish wedding photos.
    yes, mr taxi man was getting married on a friday i think and was having 2 days of partying. his photos were going to be taken on the following monday.
    not sure if i’d look my best after 2 days of partying !

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