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conference couple

i tried to do this in ‘a style’ but i don’t think it worked. great models though !

outside livers

the sun hadn’t risen by the time i left the house. a sure sign winter is on the way. getting to london early is great though as there’s hardly anyone about.
one place i always see people is in this church entrance. outside-livers (‘tramps’ doesn’t sound right) spend the night there and are often waking up to a new day as i walk past.

yesterday i noticed they’d even constructed a cardboard wall to create a private bed area. the white socks resting on the top particularly appealed.

earlier this week they had their newspapers delivered too i noticed. a pile of big issues turned up on a lorry for them to sell

fiery red heads

here’s a scarey picture of three people all with strange red hair

it’s potentially dangerous stuff this photography you know


isn’t that just typcial, you go to a restaurant and everyone ends up wearing the same clothes. except they aren’t quite the same are they readers.
can you put people in to pears ? can you put animals in oranges ? i don’t think so.

funky belgian

i used to wear a coat like this. but i wore black skintight jeans with mine rather than red flares as seen here.
that’s how i knew it wasn’t me when i saw this person walk by in Brussels Grand Place.


here is a man dressed up as summer:

he had quite an effect on people around him. click this picture for a big version to see people’s expressions:

goth at the seaside

what is it with seaside resorts and goths ? there’s always loads of them milling around dressed in black and looking moody.
goths always make me smile. i used to be one but i wasn’t very good because i was always smiling. i couldn’t help it. we all looked so funny.

kings lynn busker

this chap was busking on the streets of kings lynn a few days back. his guitar didn’t have many strings and the ones it did weren’t in tune. luckily he wasn’t singing.
i can see myself taking this kind of role in years to come.

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wedding crowd

i’d planned to go for my last long walk before the marathon in windsor park on saturday. unfortunately the pope’s funeral meant Prince Charles moved his wedding to saturday and my walk got off to a very slow start as i battled through the crowds.
i decided to make the most of the event and get a few pictures.
here are some of the wedding watchers

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the big crowd

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enthusiastic salesmen
father and son (this pictures says more about british society than any other i’ve taken i think !)

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the other woman

this lady had a point to make. either that or she was 20-odd years late for Charles’ last marriage.
DSC09721.jpg DSC09720.jpg

the worst job(by)

in Winchester we walked past a lady dressed like a tap. “that’s got to be the worst job in the world” i thought to myself. until i spotted this chap standing next to her.
he’s dressed as a toilet (and you can see tappy behind him in the big version)

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