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not my favourite kind of shots, but i liked this little chap’s bottom – his bee-hind perhaps

daddy long legs

our house is full of daddy long legs at the moment. and mosquitos and midges. it’s the like the battle at the end of Star Wars here.



the funkypancake insect identification service #2

keith sent me this picture and said:
“The attached shot is of a bug I found on some sweet peas growing in our garden in Southampton. Judging by this site:
it might be some sort of Hemiptera, but that doesn’t mean anything to me so if you run out of things to post, feel free to put it up for readers to come up with a more meaningful name.
Apologies for the large file but I wanted you to be able to enjoy the full horror of it; if you zoom right in, he appears to have actually turned his head towards me to get a better look, if those are in fact eyes on his head….. ”
so, what do you think ?

alan’s butterfly walk


Alan lead us on a butterfly walk after church yesterday.  there was a good turn out considering the wet weather


 esther and kezia loved walking through muddy puddles and streams in their trainers

070701_350d_img_0350.jpg 070701_350d_img_0354.jpg

 here’s alan demonstrating his butterfly lassoo technique


 alan really was the star of the show, catching and explaining everything about butterflies and nature and stuff

070701_350d_img_0242.jpg 070701_350d_img_0234.jpg

here he is doing the classic blanket sweep butterfly trawl. 


and explaining the catch to the assembled throng 


this is a butterfly 


here’s the specimen jar (temporary accomodation for the catchee before being let free again) 


all terrific stuff. i think alan was doing for butterflies what funkypancake does for lost gloves. so perhaps i should do guided photo tours round london ? any interest ? no, i thought not !

the funkypancake insect identification service

does anyone know what this white insect is ? our friend ian spotted it but didn’t know what it was, and wondered if any of the nature-loving (or hating!) funkypancake readers knew what it was. apparently it was a few centimetres long and had two sets of wings.
was it an angel do you think ?
any thoughts greatfully received via comments or email

dragonfly thing

(looks better if you click it for a closeup)

the latest beast in our house – but what is it ?
we’ve had hedgehogs, and mice and dried out frogs, but what’s this latest specimen we found last night inside ?
i put a one pence piece down on the ground before i let it out so you could see how big it was. deliberately (or otherwise) it walked over and sat on top of it to hide it !

exams for woodworms

i would have thought a book worm would be more likely to have an exam than a woodworm. it’s political correctness gone mad.

the mystery moth

lynda sent me this mystery moth which she had in her house and couldn’t identify. is it a mothetore – the mythical mothical creature, half moth, half goat ?

software bug

here’s a funny thing. it’s a ladybird wandering over my computer screen. it had just walked between ‘delete’ and ‘junk’ and was heading for the word ‘thunderbird’.
this picture also shows the quality of emails i was receiving on a friday afternoon. someone had sent an email to a mailing list i’m on simply stating ‘please ignore’. people didn’t.