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the funkypancake insect identification service

does anyone know what this white insect is ? our friend ian spotted it but didn’t know what it was, and wondered if any of the nature-loving (or hating!) funkypancake readers knew what it was. apparently it was a few centimetres long and had two sets of wings.
was it an angel do you think ?
any thoughts greatfully received via comments or email


6 thoughts on “the funkypancake insect identification service”

  1. Miranda agrees that it is a white plume moth. She found one in her garden a few years ago and had to look up what it was!

  2. fantastic – i knew you guys would know what it is ! it’s great being able to reverse-search on the Internet !

  3. Yes, undoubtedly a plume moth, just one of several different species that occur in Britain. Afraid it doesn’t have a nice common name, only a posh Latinised one of Alucita pentadactyla (because the wings are divided into 5 “fingers”). The caterpillar feeds on Bindweed. Lovely photo of a beautiful moth, especially when seen under a microscope. Well done!

  4. I’m not sure what it is, but I know one thing. It’s definitely NOT a white plume moth. No, I’m kidding, it really is a white plume moth.
    I’m pretty sure in about a week you’ll come up as the number one search for the term “white plume moth”.

  5. You’re right BW… all these “white plume moth” comments have sent this page soaring, though not quite the top spot, to page3 of a standard Google search!

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