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andy and me

(photo taken by learner-gill)

rascle giving instructions

here is regular commenter rascle giving instructions at a party at our house last friday evening. he’d arranged a number of excellent party contests which went down a treat.
the blur on the bottom of this photo is kezia’s hair getting in the way !
here’s a better picture

soggy kids in a car boot

we saw our lovely friends andy, gill, adam and luke yesterday. we started off with a very wet bike ride which ended up with soggy kids sitting in our car boot (or ‘trunk’ for you americaners). then it was back to our house for fun and beer (dads only).

amy aged 1.5 days

congrats to paul and liz on the birth of amy – a little sister for dougie.

the strange holiday people coincidence

on the first day of our holiday, which was in dorset, a few hours drive from our home, we bumped in to work colleague Mark and his family.
and the next day we were in a traffic queue on a thin road and looked at the car next to us, only to discover my cousing chris and his family were in it. they too were on holiday so we met up with them a few days later.
and then the next day, at slime regis beach, we made our pitch (blanket down, buckets out etc) and esther spotted sue and steve and their children sitting next to us !
so that was three totally unrelated friends/family on three consecutive days, all a long way from home !

i was really pleased with this portrait. click for big (as you can do for all funkypancake pictures!)

darren and rowena in the maize

we had a lovely afternoon with darren, miranda and rowena yesterday. top food and top company.
here’s darren and rowena in some tall maize


andy’s party
it got a bit rainy at andy’s party yesterday afternoon so he hoisted his home made rain roof
meanwhile richard helped shift some of the trapped rain by dropping it on the kids
and here’s andy chopping his foot off for the BBQ