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horse !


Here’s Kate.  she’s the friend i mentioned at the Interesting conference who appeared on the front of Horse magazine which lead to me having the word ‘horse’ stuck in my brain which when repeated for long enough starts to lose its meaning at turn back in to sounds. 

most words do that if you say them long enough and really think about them.  it’s a bit like walking.  if you really think about what you are doing it all gets a bit tricky.

so there you go.  i wasn’t making it up !

dave and em


our good friends dave and em came for dinner last night.  they were our first guests this year due to our domestic reshaping, which is finally nearing an end.


it was great to catch up and also to play articulate which is a game i’d forgotten all about


an evening out


jane and i were invited out to ben and jane’s house last night, and we realised we hadn’t been out together for such an event with just the two of us for ages.  and it was jolly good, despite ben forgetting to bring my hot drink before we started playing a board game thus psyching me in to second place.


the king’s table


fancy table set for a fancy dinner party with fancy guests.  very nice.


andrew and steve


seen through a christmas cracker kaleidoscope.  could you imagine if real life looked like this.


carolyn admires the lights


ian and carolyn came over for dinner yesterday which was very lovely.  here is carolyn admiring our lights.

tony (again)


tony’s doing the take-a-photo-of-yourself everyday.  so i took a photo of him and his camera down a glass


you can see his photos here   he took one of me with a bottle of beer here.  it was a normal sized bottle, i was just a bit smaller then.


a selection of pictures of tony

here’s tony looking pleased with the trophy which we give each other every celebration day


and here’s how tony greated us when we arrived.  his first words were “don’t talk” as he was in a particularly difficult part of a plumber based wii game


and finally, here’s tony taking a picture


visit by exiles


some good friends we haven’t seen for a few years popped by with their reshaped accents and ex-pat stories yesterday. 


you can see a photo not unlike this here.  Exile is better at writing real words than i am.


it’s a shame they live so far away in the modern era, although when they didn’t live quite as far, we still didn’t see them.  shame on us really.

We last saw them on the 11th May 2003 and here’s the evidence from the funkypancake archives (which are still a bit broken, so here’s the picture instead of a link.  I started doing funkypancake in April 2003 so these were early days pictures.


ice breakers

in true christmas spirit we ate scrumptious deer yesterday at the vicarage, then went for a walk to find the geocache down by the old church.  nearby was a frozen pond providing some great ice fun.

here’s rupert scaring (or imitating?) a giant ice butterfly


and here he is carrying the sun


and again, seen through the ice window


meanwhile harriet was unabale to contain her extra limb.


breakfast with russel


i had breakfast with russell yesterday before i went to a conference.  here he is looking at a photo he took of me taking a photo.


and here’s his polaroid pin hole of a don’t walk on the grass sign

sophie’s 30th birthday

it was sophie’s 30th birthday party last night.
no smoking – does that includes hats ?


we had ben and jane round for a cheesy fondue last night. he kindly posed for my week 3 photo course assignment photo.

pete’s photos

our friend pete sent me these photos from his holiday to cyprus. he wondered how well devonshire teas travelled.
extreme sandwiches
but who is pete you ask. well, what better excuse do i need to show you this picture i took in june of him at a church event.

andy the model

andy kindly modelled for one of my open university assignment.
if it wasn’t for the fact that it was his beer, i would suggest a good way to persuade people to pose for you to give them beer. in andy’s case he had already thought of this.

rascle’s house

we went round to regular commenter rascle’s house for sunday lunch yesterday. we had a lovely time with top notch food and conversation.
here is his front room, although i think he and his lovely wife managed to avoid being in the picture (they were out playing chicken i think). rascle’s mum is the picture though.

fun with friends

lucinda and her cousing katherine, and richard drummer from church came round yesterday for fun and cheese. we went for a walk in the afternoon.
after lots of ‘one two three weeeees’ for kezia, katherine decided she wanted a go too.

sunday lunch

we were invited to a friends house yesterday for a gorgeous lunch. so we went. and it was.
here is my dessert. strawberries in a strawberry jam tart (with obligatory cream).