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the scream

here is em posing for kezia (aged 4) who was taking her picture
and here’s another picture taken by kezia of richard, esther and me playing pick-up-sticks

baby rowena

here is baby rowena who came for lunch yesterday with her mum and dad. getting to know new people is good fun. even if they’re just a few weeks old (her parents are older)

jacob and esther

here are jacob and esther walking down a sandy beach (great photo by andy !)


meeting up with blog friends

our lovely american blog friends Dan, Michele, Sophie and Susanna were in London so we were able to spend the day with them yesterday.
they were staying at an amazing residential complex in Vauxhall and had a great view from their balcony.
we went to Tate Britain where the girls did some crafting in the galleries
and they continued crafting in the cafe over lunch
we had a great time and the girls did too. it really is a pity we live so far apart

em and dave

em and dave came over for tea yesterday which was very nice. here they are on our sofa.

seb and jane

we had lunch with some friends yesterday and it was lovely. here is their excellent little chap, called Seb, in conversation with my excellent little wife jane.

andy not playing charades

andy and gill came for tea last night and it was lovely. a proper grown up dinner event with no children.
andy looks like he’s playing charades here, but he’s not. he’s actually recreating the pose of a paper cut out doll in human form.

red mask

here is our friend catherine in a mask she made. yikes.
here’s the construction kit


the return of alan

great news, you may remember that Alan, was very ill over Christmas (see here), well, he made it to church yesterday and is well on the road to mends-ville.
hallelujah (in the true sense of that word)




our good friend john was in town for 30 free minutes yesterday so i was able to have a quick drink of fruit juice in a very expensive london bar with him. here is the proof.