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bt tower

BT Tower

it’s light at 7.30am when i get to my office now – hoorah !

click for big

mattress with a view

see how this mattress has climbed out of the bin to get a better view of the tower.
who can blame him ?

BT tower from the ground

amazingly there’s a little street which you can walk down which takes you right under the BT Tower.
the street is full of survellance cameras of course, but should also be full of photographers !

(click photos for big versions)

reflected in the building next to it:

the tower is so completely skinny (especially that base bit) and seems even more so when viewed from this angle. it’s sort of locked in to the ground underneath apparently, but i’m glad i didn’t take this photo before i went up !

Up BT tower on a sunny day

i went up BT tower again this lunchtime and the weather was fantastic. unfortunately the sun haze meant i didn’t get any decent shots of westminster this time, but i’m quite pleased with these ones.
click all the photos for big versions – the first one is full size so is 1MB (but you can study it close up) !
compare this last photo to this i took just over a month ago!
sky high catering:

if you know your geography and the height of the tower you can probably triangulate and work out what time i took this photo (or just check the EXIF data if you are nerd):


it all of a sudden got really bright in my office. i leant to the left slightly and noticed it was the sun reflecting off the top of BT tower.
i love how even a photos of the sun like this can make your eyes go weird ! (no responsibility can be accepted for eye damage resulting from looking in to this photo)

up the tower again

and here

here is an extreme zoom-in showing my office (my window is the middle one on the first floor) and my colleagues john and pilar (john has got an orange shirt on):
DSC02959.jpg DSC02959b.jpg
tables with views:
pictures from my last trip up the tower (when the weather was better) are here and here

BT tower

more ‘other side of the street’ revelations. BT tower pops up all over the place.
DSC03384.jpg DSC03385.jpg

cleaning the tower

here is a man mopping the top of the BT Tower. At least that’s how it looked a few second before when he was higher up the staircase.
And on the right is a non-reflected picture of the Tower looking very nice today in the sparkly sunshine.
DSC01603.jpg DSC01606.jpg

high tea

i like how these cups blend in with london below:
they look good out of context too:

where’s walter, harry, john and pete ?

can you see my esteemed colleagues ? they are at the bottom left of my orange and cream office building. click for a big version. this was taken at maximum resolution and zoom. This photo was taken from 158 metres above ground.

here is the shadow of the tower viewed from the tower:
and here is the inside:
i may post a couple of ambient view shots later this evening

on reflection

here’s a thing i often see and think is fantastic. is it an accident or deliberate ? either way, look out for it next time you walk up tottenham court road in the northerly direction.
this new building on Euston Road displays a ghostly reflection of BT Tower on the left hand side.

a room with a view

my new office has a nice view of BT Tower out the window. hoorah !

bt tower

here are some photos of bt tower i took this morning
reflected in a puddle
by a phonebox
through a gap near a cobbler