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bt tower

BT Tower panorama

you probably need to click on this to see it properly !

BT Tower

all being well i should be going up here again next week. yeah !

1984 film locations

here is the big building was the inspiration for some of Orwell’s 1984 seen from BT Tower. It’s Senate House (see link for details on the 1984 connection
Battersea Powerstation was featured in a film version of 1984, and here it is also seen from BT Tower

the city as seen from BT Tower
this photo is quite dense so is worth clicking for the big version. it’s a shame about the hazy day, but you can make out St Paul’s Cathedral, Natwest Tower, the Gherkin and the Docklands in the distance

BBC and All Souls viewed from BT Tower

here are the three tower i photoed from ground level (here) . I was standing near the top of the fourth tower in case you were wondering !
the queen opened the new BBC building yesterday
click for an especially large version

london viewed from BT Tower
i was fortunate enough to have another trip up BT Tower yesterday. i took my ‘big camera’.
i was really pleased with the detail on some of the photos, but they are too big to post i’m afraid – so you can have the usual shrinky dink versions.
plenty more photos to come over the next ages.