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here is an extreme zoom-in showing my office (my window is the middle one on the first floor) and my colleagues john and pilar (john has got an orange shirt on):
DSC02959.jpg DSC02959b.jpg
tables with views:
pictures from my last trip up the tower (when the weather was better) are here and here

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  • I can see my office in one of those photos, just about anyway.

  • drop my an email telling me which picture and i’ll send you the hi res version. i took loads of photos so chances are your building is on one of them !

  • Nice! I found you from the comments in nyclondon.
    I’m from New Zealand and have been in London for 5 months, I have been trying to find a nice high place to view London from for awhile now, no one seems to know of such a place!
    Back home in Auckland, our largest city, we have Sky Tower. It’s open to the public, and offers amazing views of Auckland from the CBD – “At 328 metres Sky Tower is the tallest tower in the Southern Hemisphere, offering breath-taking views for more than 80 kilometres in every direction”. For the super keen there is the Vertigo Climb, a two-hour guided tour up the inside of the Sky Tower mast, culminating in a 15 minute internal climb from the upper observation deck to the first crow’s nest.
    Come on London, where’s it at? 🙂

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