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humour failure


these two books had fallen down in front of a window in a Bracknell children’s playgroup type place.  Little Miss Fun vs Nobody Laughed.  The fun’s over it seems

how to encourage children to love computer

here is a book that esther read at school about a year ago (i’m very slow on posting some of these pictures). it tells of a child being terrorised by a computer monster. a nice introduction to IT.

old books in a suitcase

this is very odd. why would someone abandon a suitcase full of old books (including the third edition of Rock Record)

what the future looked like in the past

retro futurists in a bookstall at a village fair.
note the random disconnected space boot on the floor and the book on top called ‘they died too young’.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time: Adult Edition

read this book. it is MOST excellent.
i accidentally read the adult version which has got a more cartoony cover instead of the kids version which has an old people’s boring cover. i suspect the kids version has the swearing taken out.
it’s one of the best books i’ve read in a very long time. here is my copy with it’s half price sticker on it.

book review

i’m reading The Book of Matches by Nicholson Baker at the moment and it is most excellent. a regular reader recommended another book by this author which i couldn’t find in my local bookshop so i bought this instead.
excellent for not saying much about anything in a nicely detailed way. read it. marvellous.

mary shelley

did you know Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein was buried in Bournemouth ? i didn’t. here she is [in her family burial tomb] and me giving a big bald thumbs up